9 September 2017

5K    Ages 9-19
  1st place: Sam Guerrero & Jordan Levitt
2nd Place: Chloe Christian
3rd place: Raechel Kundert

5K Ages 20-29
1st Place:  George Smith & Jennifer Stokes
2nd Place:  Breanna Weber
3rd Place:  Ashley Jones

5K Ages 30-39 
1st Place:  Lindsey Snyder
2nd Place: Brandi Ransom
3rd Place:  Trisha Mandingo

5K Ages 40-49
1st Place: Jerry Schisler & Sandra Rodriguez
2nd Place: Arthur Simpson & Kristi Dutton
3rd Place: Dan Ceaser & Wendy Charboneau

5K Ages 50 and above
1st Place: Mike Buxton & Janet Stein
2nd Place:Timothy Oest & Shannon Leidholm
3rd Place: Skip Lemay, Richard Slater & Gwendolyn Oest

10K  Ages 9-19
1st Place: Emily Peterson

!0K Ages 20-29
1st Place: Christopher Arndy & Monette Poyles
2nd Place: Fretchen Arndt
3rd Place: Casandra Morales

10K Ages 30-39
1st Place: Randall Rapp, Jay Jones & Shellanie Martinez
2nd Place: Joshua Rys & Emily Long

10K Ages 40-49
1st Place:  Ryan Smith & Stacy Braithwaite
2nd Place: Tom Karney & Providence PHelps
3rd Place: Ryan Klaahsen & Marisol Smith

10K 50 +
1st Place:  Victor Serna & Catherine Davis
2nd Place: Ed Heckard & Maria Stochl
3rd Place: Dan Guerrero 

Half Marathon
Ages 20-29
1st Place: Justin Colin & Erica Busico
2nd Place: Kyle Martin & Tara Martinez

Ages 30-39
1st Place: David Smith & Sara McGrath
2nd Place:  Carol Adsit

Ages 40-49
1st Place: Kevin Saur & Ann Bingham
2nd Place: David Paul
3rd Place: Jeffrey Dell

Ages 50+
1st Place: Gerardo Sanmillan

Ages 60+
1st Place: Willy Mendoze and Tiare Bailey
2nd Place:  Nick Bailey

Run to Honor Bibs for the 2017 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC
Sara McGrath
Kevin Saur

Race Results for the 2015 Megan McClung Memorial Run:


Thank you to GC Racing for the support.  

Prior Race Results

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Results will also be visible on www.active.com under the Megan McClung Memorial Run name.
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