8 September 2018

Marine Corp Marathon

Major Megan Malia McClung (M4) loved the Marine Corps Marathon and ran it every change she had.  When she was deployed to Iraq in 2006 she convinced the Marine Corps marathon staff and the Iraq area and Marine Corps commands to allow her to re-create the marathon in Iraq.  She organized the first Marine Corps marathon forward with over 110 runners who come in from various  parts of Iraq and Afghanistan.  She also participated in that race, finishing second among the women. 

From the Marine Corp Marathon Hall of Fame:

Maj. Megan McClung (Posthumously) - Inducted in 2013.

Maj. Megan McClung served 11 years in the U.S. Marine Corps before tragically becoming the first woman Marine officer to be killed in the War in Iraq on December 2006. McClung’s connection to the MCM began simply, as a participant. She ran the MCM in 2001, 2004 and 2005. In 2006, while deployed on active duty in Iraq, McClung approached the MCM requesting to coordinate the MCM “in country” for service members deployed overseas, eventually organizing MCM Forward. Since then, MCM Forward annually has included hundreds of service members from all military branches, running from Forward Operating Bases and on U.S. Navy ships. At MCM Forward, McClung encouraged everyone to put forth his or her best effort and established the Penguin Award providing acknowledgement to the final runner that completed the 26.2 miles.

In continuing the tradition at the MCM and in McClung’s memory, the Paul the Penguin Award is presented to the final official MCM finisher each year.

If you are one of our top finishers or decided to run the MCM half or full marathons, maybe we will see you in Washington DC as well!

In 2017, Run to Honor sponsored the top Male and Female finisher in our 1/2 Marathon distance with an entry bib for the 2018 Marine Corp Marathon.

For our Final M4Run, Run to Honor has not only offered an entry bib for the 1/2 Marathon top Male and Female finishers again this year, but will also be supporting our Marathon distance top Male and Female finishers with an entry bib as well. 

We are humbled by the the overwhelming support from Run to Honor.  

Follow the link if you would like to know more about Run to Honor.
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