8 September 2018

2018 Results from the M4Run


Half Marathon

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5K Awards   


Female                          Time

1st Place          Amy Purcell -Anacortes                      00:22:39:50

2nd Place        Donna Hinshaw - Oak Harbor            00:24:03:31

3rd Place         Kristy Keahey - Oak Harbor               00:24:35:24


Male                           Time

1st Place          William Dickinson - Bellingham         00:22:44:51

2nd Place        Jim Otruba - Oak Harbor                    00:32:31:47

3rd Place         Scott Kirkwood - Marysville              00:33:52:29


10 K                           

Female                           Time

1st Place          Joanna Small - Renton                        00:46:16:08

2nd Place        Whitlei Raines - Oak Harbor              00:51:19:44

3rd Place         Monica Zaricor - Oak Harbor             00:53:21:32


Male                           Time


1st Place          Rich Frazier - Oak Harbor                  00:41:25:99

2nd Place        Ryan Smith - Oak Harbor                   00:41:35:37

3rd Place         Blair Zaricor - Oak Harbor                  00:53:21:74




Female                         Time

1st Place          Sierra Brisky - Bellingham                  01:28:38:86

2nd Place        Aanna Gitter - Bellingham                  01:40:33:26

3rd Place         Diana Hunt - Oak Harbor                   01:59:30:66


Male                          Time

1st Place          Jay Jones - Oak Harbor                       01:40:17:53

2nd Place        John Daniel - Oak Harbor                   01:44:44:30:59

3rd Place         Kyle Martin - Coupeville                    01:45:12:98

Run to Honor Bibs for the 2018 Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC

Sierra Brisky of Bellingham and Jay Jones of Oak Harbor


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